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Tuned Percussion & Other : ARRAY INSTRUMENTS Array Mbira Royal Mahogany Four-Octave、
RAV VAST drum Melodic Steel Tongue Drum A-Integral scale、HAPI Tones HAPI Drum UFO、YAMAHA Xylophone No.185、
YAMAHA UprightPIANO (old)、Schoenhut TOYPIANO、Hugh Tracey KALIMBA Alto 15note G、Sansula Kalimba A-minor

Percussion : SONOR Cajon SN-CAJSTN(TINEO)、ARCO Hundtype Plugged Cajon、LP Udu Drum LP1400-C1、
Rope Tuned Wood DJEMBE、LP Conga LP552X 11&12-1/2、TreeWorks Windchime、Cowbell、Woodblock、
Jamblock、Rainstick、Claves、Shakers、Maracas、Tambourines、Triangles、Bird Call、
All living environment sound, and many many more …

Drums : SONOR DrumSet DesignerSeries Birch BD 20×16 FT 14×14 TT 10×9、SONOR Snare-ArtistSeries Birch 12×4、
SONOR Snare-ArtistSeries beech 13×4、TAMA Snare-Starclassic Maple 14×5、YAMAHA Snare-10×3、PREMIER Snare-13×4
Cymbals=K Zildjian Hi-Hats 14、RemixSeries Hi-Hats 12、K Zildjian HeavyRide 22、RemixSeries Brakebeats Ride 18、
K Zildjian custom Crash Thin 17、K Zildjian custom Crash Thin 18、K Zildjian custom Splash 8、
K Zildjian custom Splash 10、K Zildjian Splash 12、Sabian O-zone Crash 16


DAW System

Computer : APPLE MacPro 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon、APPLE Macbook AIR

DAW : APPLE Logic Pro X、Apple MainStage 3、Ableton Live 9

Audio I/O : RME Fireface UCX AR+、Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1

synthesizer&Controller : KORG volca keys、CME Pro Xkey MIDI keyboard

Plug-in Effect : iZotope Ozone7/Advanced、Nector2、Alloy2

Software Instruments : iZotope Iris 2、PREMIER SOUND FACTORY :PIANO Premier V1.8 :Shakuhachi Premier :Wind Chime Premier :Moog Premier :Tape Premier:Percussion Premier :SUITCASE Premier :Wurlitzer Premier :MELLOTRON Premier
:Vintage Synth Premier2 :Acoustic Bass Premier :Bass Premier Pack :DRUM Premier、XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2、
Magical 8bit Plug、Green Oak Software Crystal、NATIVE INSTRUMENTS :KINETIC METAL :SONICCOUTURE Pan Drums :SONICCOUTURE Array Mbira and Komplete 10 Ultimate and more …




Headphone : SONY MDR-CD900ST、AKG K240-STUDIO

In-ear Monitor : SHURE SE315-CL、Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Microphone : BLUE Baby Bottle、Audio-Technica ATM-25、Shure SM57、Electro-Voice N/D967、AKG P5S

Recorder : TASCAM PCM Recorder MK2



Video Editing Software : Final Cut PRO X、Motion5

Camera : Nikon D3100LK、Superheadz Digital Harinezumi 2、iPhone Camera